We are a certified B Corporation®

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved B Corporation Certification® joining a rapidly growing movement of nearly 4,000 companies across 74 countries, unified by the mission to make business a force for good.

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We aim to limit our effect on the planet to the greatest possible extent whilst still attempting to develop a vibrant commercial business. We evaluate our use of resources carefully and endeavour to be as economical as possible in our use of collateral. For example, we don’t produce a brochure since we know these rarely get read and are therefore just a waste. We will also tend to email training material rather than produce big thick binders which are equally unlikely to be read.

In terms of travel we use public transport wherever possible and when we do fly we consider how to get the very best use from the time abroad so as to limit the need for frequent journeys. Finally, we are proud to be a multi-million dollar global consultancy that has no permanent offices! You can use all the low energy bulbs, solar panels and office recycling that you like, but nothing quite beats the environmental impact of just getting over the idea that you need an office. We use the latest technology, flexible resources and all that the 21st century world offers in enabling us to work collaboratively together and deliver brilliantly for our clients. Most importantly this approach means we have talent in our support team that otherwise we might not be able to access.

Our Environmental goal is to be a Climate Positive Business and increase our carbon credits by 10% per annum.

We’ve recently become climate positive company through Earthly. Click on the logo to find out more.


Each year we set aside 10% of our annual net profits and donate them to a series of causes that are typically related to child welfare and education around the world.

In 2021 and 2020 we recognised that charities were facing extremely challenging times, we therefore chose to donate to over 20 different charities with every member of Positive Momentum choosing a charity to make a donation to. 

We are also proud to continue to promote the vital work of those organisations we have supported in the past:

We love supporting our clients many and varied efforts to raise money for causes that are close to their heart and encourage them to include us on the ubiquitous charity fundraising email lists.

Our Social goal is to increase our donations to charity by 10% per annum and to support all our employees with paid time off to complete voluntary community work.