Samsung has enjoyed huge growth in the consumer electronics sector and is seen as one of the most dynamic brands in the consumer market place and an innovative leader. The business wanted to establish itself as the leader in the business world and leverage on the powerful brand values and broad product and solutions set that it has created.

I invited Positive Momentum to bring energy, disruptive thinking, creativity and leadership to my marketing function and more broadly to the overall business strategy. They developed a marketing strategy and execution plan that was truly innovative, and ensured that Samsung established a clear, differentiated B2B position. The strategy resulted in 400% YoY revenue growth.

Andrew Mills GM & Vice President, Enterprise Business, Europe

What did the client need?

Despite their market leading consumer position, Samsung were little known in the enterprise space and needed to position themselves as a serious business brand throughout Europe without losing its consumer heritage. They needed to re-position the brand for this new audience, re-structure the marketing team, build capabilities across its 35 European locations, define, create and execute propositions aligned with key vertical markets.

How did it work

Jamie Malcolm acted as interim European Marketing Director for the B2B business. He allocated time in the office with the team and off–site to ensure an external perspective to create a challenger brand which did not become marginalised.

What did Positive Momentum do?

  1. Defined the brand positioning for Samsung in the European B2B space.
  2. Re-structured and built a world class marketing team by function and specialism.
  3. Created a prioritisation matrix to identify quick wins by solution area and vertical market.
  4. Delivered multiple campaigns using the full marketing mix including events, PR, digital and social.
  5. Managed all relevant sponsorship assets and recommended others

What were the results?

Positive Momentum defined a brand position for Samsung in the B2B space whilst leveraging on its consumer credentials, created a regional HQ team that delivered tool kits and campaigns to the markets and supported the sales teams to deliver a first year sales target of over $4bn.


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