Neustar is a global provider of managed services for the routing of voice, video and data communications, in particular DNS and number portability services to mobile device operators. Based in Virginia, USA, Neustar has a neutral position which, through its approx. 900 employees in offices around the world, enables it to serve 8,500+ customers including over 4,000 network operators.


Positive Momentum has played a strategic role in simplifying and refining the PathFinder proposition. They have developed and driven a campaign which has generated a steady stream of new business opportunities and wins.

Tim Ward – Senior Director, International Business Development, Neustar

What did the client need?

Since 2008, Neustar has operated the PathFinder service on behalf of the GSMA. PathFinder simplifies the transmission of SMS and Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications through a shared database by identifying the operator responsible for each telephone number, including the 56 countries that have number portability. Positive Momentum was asked to qualify the EMEA market opportunity and develop a Go-to-Market strategy, proposition and plan to generate and manage leads through the full sales process.

How did it work

Interviews and workshops were used to build a detailed picture of the number portability market dynamics and profile existing and potential PathFinder customers. Tele-research was then used to build an EMEA target list and to gain insight into prospect’s awareness of issues and opportunities surrounding number portability. Market feedback enabled the building of a refined and stronger Value Proposition for PathFinder. A targeted lead generation campaign has identified significant new business opportunities.

What did Positive Momentum do?

  1. Consulted with global stakeholders to understand key issues
  2. Tele-Research of profiled prospects to identify market opportunity for PathFinder in EMEA.
  3. Delivered a customer benefit led proposition and lead generation campaign.
  4. Developed a market segment that Neustar’s existing sales channel would not have reached
  5. Filled the gaps in the service launch pack to support the full sales process
  6. Provide a communications channel from the market to Neustar Marketing/Sales/Product Management
  7. Ongoing programme development, increased sales opportunities and new business wins

What were the results?

Sales of the PathFinder service have grown steadily and are well ahead of target. Market awareness of Neustar and PathFinder has increased considerably and the campaign is now being taken into other media of leaders and a number of very specific subjects.


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